50 Fun Things To Do This Summer

50 Fun Things To Do This Summer

      Summer is regarded as the most fun season for a reason - the weather is clear, school is out, amusement parks are open, and possibilities are endless. Whenever Summer is near, I always come up with a Summer bucket list of things I want to experience before it ends.

However, no matter how perfectly you plan, sometimes it's still hard to find anything to do. When boredom strikes, why not try one of these 50 cool summer activities? You could even challenge yourself to complete the whole bucket list!

50 Fun Things To Do:

1. Wander with your phone and step up your Instagram game.
2. Make Home-made pizza. And if that fails, order pizza.
3. Binge watch Netflix.
4. Make a Summer Playlist.
5. Go Rollerskating.
6. Open your own online boutique. Nylon Mag tells you how here.
7. Throw a house party.
8. Have a Gelato eating contest with your besties.
9. Take an impromptu road trip!
10. Hit up an amusement park.
11. Try out Pinterest recipes with your friends. Maybe cool down with some homemade ice coffees and syrups?
12. Speaking of Pinterest, why not try out a cool DIY?
13. Ryan Gosling Movie Marathon! Bonus points for his Goosebumps episode.
14. Throw a beach party.
15. Go stargazing.
16. Send cute cards to your pals in the mail.
17. Plan a Bonfire.
18. Camp out in your backyard and tell scary stories.
19. Give your bedroom a makeover.
20. Attend a music festival.
21. Try out a completely different makeup look.
22. Try a new workout.
23. Go on a picnic. A perfect excuse to buy one of these super cute cooler bags.
24. Brunch party!
25. Throw a barbecue.
26. Read a book, or two, or three...
27. Start your own blog.
28. Master nail art.
29. Go thrifting. And if you're not flying solo, challenge your friend to see who can score the best find!
30. Go for a hike.
31. Hit up an arcade, and score some of those sweet, sweet prize tickets.
32. Volunteer, or even organize your own fundraiser!
33. Go mini-golfing!
34. Visit a zoo or aquarium.
34. Mix it up with a drastically different hair style or color.
35. DIY your denim by turning them into cut offs or patching them.
36. Host a spa day for your girl squad. Find DIY spa recipes on Pinterest.
37. Check out a flea market or farmer's market.
38. Go dancing.
39. Ride a bike around town.
40. Treat yourself to fancy coffee.
41. Plan a super sweet surprise for someone you love.
42. Make a YouTube video.
43. Make S'mores!
44. Go swimming. Bonus points for a cute pool float.
45. Have dessert for breakfast.
46. Throw a scavenger hunt.
47. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise.
48. Try karaoke!
49. Go to the movies.
50. Go bowling. Yes.

50 Fun Things To Do This Summer

What's on your Summer bucket list?


  1. These all sound so fun, I am doing the netflix binge watching right now

    1. Ditto! Thanks for stopping by Laura xx

  2. Love all these, I recently discovered making smores at home, love that one!



  3. These all sound fun, but I don't know about opening boutique. I'm a broke artist so I have no money for that. LOL! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kiersten, glad you enjoyed it! There's always Etsy; I pay just a couple dollars per month to list my items there :)

  4. I'm dying for Summer to arrive! Only one month left of Winter, and I am counting down the days!

    I love the staying in, drinking hot chocolate aspect of Winter, but I miss the cute outfits, walks in the park and actual sunshine that comes with Summer! Can't wait to do heaps of things on this list 🌞


    1. It's so hot out, that I'm starting to get excited for Fall! haha. Thanks so much for stopping by, Indya. xx