How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

     August is here and we'll soon be bidding farewell to the last days of Summer. I'd love to squeeze in a vacation before the final adieu! Unfortunately, we don't all have the time or money to hop on a plane. That doesn't mean we can't make a vacation right where we are, though! Here's how you can have a super fun staycation, no passport required.


First, here are some staycation supplies to consider picking up: fuzzy robes and slippers (such as you would find in a luxurious hotel), scented candles, fancy soap and toiletries, delicious take out (to eat in bed like room service, of course), a good book, a fresh vase of flowers, movie rentals, mini bar snacks, an extra comfy duvet and fluffed up pillows, and if you have one lying around, a hammock.

Plan your staycation:

The first thing you'll need to do is carve out the time for your staycation. There are no chores, work, or alarm clocks on vacation, and there shouldn't be on your staycation, either. Turn off your cell phone and don't check your email. The goal is to disconnect from the every day as much as possible. It's time to relax!


Feel like being a tourist? Here are some fun ideas to make you see your town with new eyes:

1. Visit a Farmer's market or orchard: Besides being great exercise, apple picking photos are the best photos.

2. Go swimming: Head to your local pool or water park; don't forget the sunscreen!

3. See a show: Splurge on tickets to a concert or a play.

4. Go antique shopping: Browse the local antique shops and flea markets.

5. Visit a botanical garden: Spend a few relaxing hours strolling among fresh Summer blooms.

6. Check out a local museum.

7. Visit a zoo or an aquarium.

8. Pretend you're a tourist in your hometown: look up local tourist attractions and visit them. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

9. Explore local trails: On a bike or on foot, spending a day in the woods is sure to help you unwind.

10. Take a ferry trip: Plan a day trip to a local island by ferry.

11. Visit a spa: Have a mini spa retreat! Be sure to book a massage.

12. Go camping: Whether you're in the woods or your own backyard, sleeping under the stars is always fun.

13. Practice a little Hygge: Hygge involves relaxing, unplugging, and indulging... sounds like a vacation to me!

14. Grab a paddle: Ever try kayaking or canoeing? If you live near water, now's your chance!

15. Go for a ride: Rent a tandem bike and explore your neighborhoods.

16. Visit a lake or beach: Spread out a blanket and spend the day getting some sun, reading a good book, or taking a dip!

17. Eat an al fresco dinner: Create your own outdoor cafe! Invite close friends for an outdoor dinner party complete with wine and garden lights, of course.

How To Have A Super Fun Staycation

Have you ever tried a staycation? What are your favorite ways to have fun without traveling?


  1. These are such great ideas. My parents are the kings of staycation. They leave for a night or two at hotel and do all the touristy stuff. So it really gives you the illusion that you are on a vacation.

    1. That is so cute! Thanks for stopping by, Gigi xx