About Jackie O My:

Created in 2016 as a blog for bohemian style enthusiasts and fellow fashion bloggers, Jackie O My is a collection of style inspiration, outfit posts, lifestyle articles, and blogging tutorials. If you like unique brands, lifestyle tips and increasing your blog skills, you've come to the right place.

A few of the post series on the blog:
  • Book Club : reviews of my favourite books and reading recommendations.
  • 5 Things I Love : end-of-the-week roundups of five things I love.
  • Brand Love : features cool, lesser known brands and lookbooks.
  • Featured Artists : talented painters, illustrators, and makers of all kinds.

The niche here at Jackie O My can be a little wide; that's because I started this blog as a place to share photographs, books, art, fashion, and anything else that inspired me. At its core, though, Jackie O My is all about style, pretty things and living life with flair.

About Blog Design:

I am using the (link) theme from (link). My logo is the Audrey logo (link) which can be found in my design shop. 

About Me:

     My name is Jacqueline, and I'm a student and writer living in British Columbia, Canada. I love telling stories, painting, reading, and all things soft and cozy. I have been writing on Jackie O My for a little over a year, and I still consider myself a blogging newbie. Although I have a lot to learn, I'm having fun along the way!

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Guest Posting Guidelines:

Jackie O My accepts guest posts that fit with the theme, aesthetic & quality standard of the blog. Relevant post topics include fashion, style & beauty tutorials, lifestyle articles, relevant DIYs and blogging advice geared towards fashion and lifestyle bloggers. The voice of Jackie O My is friendly, upbeat and conversational. Posts can be short or long format but must be written in English and be unique blog content.

Guest posters are allowed to link to their own content within the post, but no affiliate links, please. Guest posts may not be republished elsewhere, and please don't be offended if I make a few changes!