A Little White Tea House

Monday, 15 May 2017
Little White Tea House

     Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by Little White House & Co., a lovely tea shop located downtown, for the first time.

I've walked past the little white house countless times in the past, and have always been curious about it; its pretty white french doors are always propped open, and inside I catch glimpses of smiling people dining on high tea and sandwiches. Chiffon dresses with price tags hang on mannequins in the shop windows. It has always perplexed me; is it a store, or a restaurant? Charmingly, it's both.

Little White Tea House

Little White Tea House

The shop is adorable, furnished with shabby chic furniture in crisp white hues. The shelves are cluttered with jewelry, clothing, and vintage inspired trinkets, so much so that the store is filled to the brim and it's rather difficult to move around. Nobody appeared to mind, though, as I clumsily navigated past tables of happy customers sipping soup.

I did not stay for lunch, unfortunately; instead, I picked up several delicious pink macarons to take home with me. I forgot to snap a picture of them before they were devoured, but I did find a photo of them on Little White House's blog.

Floral Cupcakes
Photo via Little White House & Co.

What do you think of this charming shop? Would you stay for tea?

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