5 Things I Love: 28/07/17

Friday, 28 July 2017
5 Things I Love: 28/07/17
Photo from A Beautiful Mess.

     Whew! It's Friday again! Has anyone else felt like the week just whirled by? 

Apart from enjoying the incredible sunshine, I've been as busy as a bee working on up-and-coming posts, and I'm really excited to share them with you guys! I won't spoil the surprise, so for now, I offer up my weekly favourite things. Enjoy!

5 Things I Love:

1. The stunning Opal Soleil Necklace from Stargaze Jewellery was on pre-order just last week, and has already sold out! Can we get a re-stock?

2. I discovered Space Age Love Song the other day, and can't get enough! The seriously adorable music video stars Jennifer Connolly.

3. I've been re-reading Jane Eyre and swooning over her romance with Mr. Rochester. Sigh...

4. Want to bring a bit of life indoors? A Beautiful Mess can show you how to create DIY wall mounted plants.

5. The weather has been so sunny, I've been loving sunbathing by the pool (still a tad to chilly in the water yet, though!). Have you got any fun weekend-weather plans?

5 Things I Love: 28/07/17
Photo from Stargaze Jewelry.

What are your favourite things this week?