Quick, Easy Ways To Get Tousled, Bohemian Waves

Thursday, 28 September 2017
Quick, Easy Ways To Get Tousled, Bohemian Waves

Who doesn't love tousled waves?

I'm growing my hair out at the moment, and the layers are a bit all over the place. Right now, I'm all about bohemian waves, because they hide that quite well. I don't like to use a lot of product in my hair, and as a lazy girl, I don't like to spend forever on my hair in the morning either. I'd rather hit snooze!

Luckily, I've worked out how to achieve this style in about ten minutes with minimal product. I have two methods that I use depending on the circumstances of my hair. But before we start, please note that this tutorial will work best on hair with lots of layers. Read on to learn how to get tousled, bohemian waves for yourself!

Method 1: Wet Hair

Step 1: Towel dry hair.
Your hair should be damp, not sopping wet; dry your hair fairly well, scrunching it with the towel.

My hair has a bit of natural wave/texture, so if your hair is stick straight, your results might be a little different.

Step 2: Brush. 
Part your hair as you normally do and brush the top half of your hair smooth, letting the lower half stay a bit messy.

Step 3: Apply Product. 
You can use a sea salt spray or mousse to enhance the waves. I use Got 2B Thickening Mousse, or if I'm feeling beachy, Got 2B Tripping Salt Waving Spay. Spray a few spritzes and scrunch the ends up your hair, focusing extra attention on the back. Avoid using more than a dab of mousse; it will weigh your hair down.

Step 4: Blow dry.
On the lowest setting, blow dry your hair, scrunching the ends. You can use a diffuser to focus the air flow. Once dry, gently comb through the waves with your fingers. You can also use a comb to straighten the top of your hair, near your part, just to tidy things up.

Method 2: Dry Hair

This is how I most often create my waves. If your hair is a bit oily, you might want to start with a little dry shampoo.

Step 1: Straighten (optional).
Sometimes my hair wakes up with a mind of its own, and I'm obliged to smoothe flyaways before anything else. If your hair has a lot of natural texture, you can go over it quickly with your hair straightener as normal before starting.

Quick, Easy Ways To Get Tousled, Bohemian Waves

Step 2: Divide your hair. 
I separate my hair into two layers and clip the top section of my hair up. You could work in as many sections as you like; it all depends on how precise you want to be and how defined you want your waves.

Step 3: Curl.
I use the Donna Bella Pro 10 Curling Wand, but any larger barrel curling wand or iron will work. I hold the wand vertically, wrapping a strand of hair loosely around the barrel and holding for around 8 - 10 seconds. It's important to alternate directions when curling; curl the first wave away from your face, and the next towards your face. You don't want all your strands curled in one direction, but getting every single strand of hair is not necessary at all. If you over-curl, no worries! You can try to tug that strand straight before it cools, or even go back in with your straightener afterwards.

Step 3: Let your waves cool.
Don't touch them for several minutes.

Step 4: Shake your lovely waves loose.
This is where you get creative. I run my hands through my hair, breaking up the waves, tugging at certain bits and shaking my hair with my fingers until it looks right.

Voila! Beachy, quick waves that will last you all day.

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