How I Stay On Top Of Social Media

Wednesday, 17 January 2018
How I Stay On Top Of Social Media

     Show of hands: who's able to effortlessly manage all their social media accounts?

If you're like me, your arm remained firmly glued to your side. However, I've recently been trying to be more consistent with my posts on social media.

I've noticed a lot of posts on the subject out there advise techniques that are pretty time-consuming and rigorous. I've written about my dislike of constant social media use before, and while I like fast audience growth as much as the next person, I feel like there has to be a more realistic option. So this is my simplified version of promoting blog content. With this guide, you can keep posts flowing consistently on all your social media accounts without getting overwhelmed. Read on to find out how!


Blog: The first thing you'll want to do every morning is to publish any posts you have scheduled. Share your post in relevant Facebook groups and Pin it to both your own boards and any group boards you're a part of.

The morning is a great time to answer any comments you may have on your blog and reply to blog-related emails as well.

Facebook: It took me forever to get into the habit of promoting content on Facebook. I try to post to Jackie O My's Facebook page twice per day, usually either sharing my newest post or older popular posts. Facebook is my biggest source of traffic, so I find this works best for me.

Coschedule recommends posting to Facebook only once between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., though, so it's really up to you.

Instagram: Sharing one to three Instagram photos per day is usually ideal; any more than that and you risk spamming people's feeds, which may annoy them and ultimately cause them to unfollow you. I try to space mine out evenly through the day, usually posting around 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

It's also a good idea to like and comment on the photos of others as well. I do this is short bursts throughout the day, taking a few minutes to like photos in the car, while waiting in line, etc.

Twitter: Most sources seem to agree that posting around fifteen tweets per day is best. However, I'm a bit of a Twitter newbie, and tweet far less. If you, like me, are not crazy about Twitter, I recommend posting 1 - 3 tweets per day at the very least.

Pinterest: About 80% of your Pinterest activity should be pinning content from places other than your own blog. I follow this rule of thumb: each day I try to pin two of my own pins, and thirteen from others. 


Comment On Blogs: If you don't do so throughout the week, the weekend is a good time to catch up on commenting on other's blog posts, which will help you build relationships with other bloggers. 

Schedule Posts: All your posting during the week will be so much quicker if you schedule your posts in advance.  I use Buffer, but there are a lot of great services out there, like Hootsuite and Tailwind. After scheduling, your Tweets, Facebook posts, and Pins will be automatic, while Instagram photos will only take a few taps to share.

Brainstorm Content: It's always a good idea to take a look at your editorial calendar weekly to make sure upcoming posts are ready. You can also remove the ones that you're not feeling as much anymore and brainstorm new content to add in the coming months.

So does this technique work?

In a word, yes.

This is not a gain-a-thousand-followers-in-a-week posting schedule. This technique is all about consistency; keeping your content flowing fresh while remaining doable. Although I can't promise you'll gain a huge new audience, my follower count does steadily climb when I follow this method.

What are your tips for keeping up your social media accounts?
How I Stay On Top Of Social Media - Jackie O My

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