How To Make Your Bedroom A Bohemian Sanctuary

Tuesday, 20 March 2018
How To Make Your Bedroom A Bohemian Sanctuary
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     A bedroom is a place of refuge from the outside world; as such, I believe it should reflect the personality of the individual. A bohemian at heart, I like to opt for a comfortable space with a lived-in vibe. The bohemian room is artistic, eclectic, and free-spirited. Comfort is of the utmost importance; this a place to really let your hair down.

Do you want to channel your inner gypsy? Here's how you can make your room into a relaxing bohemian sanctuary.

Note: I'll also be sharing my favourite UO picks, but this post is not sponsored.

Pillows, blankets & throws:

Textiles are an important first step to any bedroom decor. Whenever I redecorate, I like to choose my comforter set first, and build the rest of the room's look around it. For a boho room, look for comforters with bold patterns and interesting motifs. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colour palettes; a boho bedroom does not "match". I personally love rich jewel tones for bohemian flair.

Elements of nature:

Bohemians are all about nature! If you have to be indoors, you can at least bring some of the outside in with you. Hanging planters, natural crystals, and salt lamps all add a wonderful hint of the natural elements and give the room life. Opt for soft, natural lighting.

Touches of velvet:

Velvet is definitely my favourite trend this season. Velvet throws and pillows add a great touch of luxury and give your room an effortlessly-cool vibe, a la 1970s.

Floor cushions:

Above all, the bohemian bedroom is comfortable and laid back, so casual seating is a must. Offer your guests big, comfortable floor cushions for the perfect spot to hang out and relax.

Curtains, tapestries, & canopies: 

Hanging textiles add such a dramatic, whimsical air to a bedroom. Use gauzy curtains or tapestries as a canopy over your bed, or hang them in a corner to create a cozy reading nook.

In five steps, you'll have created the ultimate bohemian hideaway!

My Bohemian Picks:

How To Make Your Bedroom A Bohemian Sanctuary


  1. Ohh I love this post! Totally inspiring! My boyfriend luckily likes the same Bohemian style as I do so we've been planning on turning our bedroom into a completely boho and meditative and peaceful place. Floor cushions to start!

    Nicole /

    1. That's so awesome! Do let me know if you end up posting about your boho room makeover. Would make an awesome post :D

  2. I remember a few years back being soooo obsessed with boho and especially the decor, i love how liberating and artistic it always looks <3