5 Photography Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Outfit Post

Monday, 30 April 2018
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     My favorite kind of posts to write are outfit posts. I've been photographing my own outfit posts (no photographer boyfriend here!) for about a year now, and while my photos are still by no means perfect, my skills have drastically improved through trial and error. Today I'd like to share the biggest lessons I've learned in my time fashion blogging. All of these tips are beginner-friendly, no technical skill required. Here are 5 photography mistakes I used to make that will ruin your outfit post.

1. Not taking enough photos:

You can follow every photography tip and trick out there and still come out with nothing but unusable photos. There are some things you simply can't plan for, from gusts of wind to blinking. The best practice is to take more than you'll need and choose the very best ones. I usually take around eighty and choose eight. I use the continuous shooting mode on my camera to capture multiple shots of the same pose to ensure I'll have one that's just right. Of course, how many pictures you take is up to you - just keep snapping until you feel like you have a few great shots.

2. Too much light:

Nothing will ruin your pictures faster than overexposure. While plenty of light is necessary, you should avoid taking photos in direct sunlight. Try taking pictures away from windows, or if you're shooting outdoors, in an area covered by shadow. It's much easier to fix pictures that are a bit too dark than those that are too light. The best time to take photos outdoors is during the golden hours: an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, when the light is softest.

3. Not using the right equipment:

There are some amazing quality cameras available on phones these days. It may seem like using your phone's camera will be fine for blog photography. However, it can be hard to get a great quality outfit post image with a camera phone. That's not to say it can't be done; it just takes a lot of skill. Often times, you'll end up with pictures that are grainy or blurry. I definitely recommend getting a digital camera, even if you're a beginner. Another tool you'll need is a tripod; trying to prop your camera up on household items will only end in frustration. (trust me!)

4. Wearing clothes that don't fit your style:

There are times when you might be tempted to wear something on your blog you wouldn't ordinarily; maybe because it's trendy at the time and everyone else is wearing it, or maybe because you've been asked by a sponsor. I personally have found that wearing clothes I didn't like on my blog has been a waste of time and energy.  Not only do I not love the outfit myself, I end up being awkward in front of the camera; it's hard to look confident when you aren't being yourself.

Now I try to wear only things I'm truly proud of on my blog, and I have to say this technique is working a lot better for me. I totally recommend being true to your own personal style. This is your fashion blog, after all; you call the shots!

5. Over-editing photos:

Using very obvious filters when editing outfit pictures really limits you in the long run. You'll have to keep using that same filter all the time if you want uniformity in your feeds, and in the end, it tends to look a little amateur. I was all about the creative filters and effects when I first started blogging, but then I realized that a good outfit photo will speak for itself; it won't need added effects to catch the reader's eye. 

Note: Of course, this can't be said for all filters. Some add just the right touch and can help you build a cohesive photography style your readers instantly recognize. It's just the ones that distract that we're talking about here.

That's it for my photography tips! Avoid these 5 mistakes, and you'll be taking better photos in no time.

Do you have any photography mistakes or tips I didn't mention?
5 Photography Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Outfit Post - Jackie O My
5 Photography Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Outfit Post - Jackie O My


  1. One thing people always get shocked at is when I say I would rather shoot on a cloudy day! I find it so tricky to take picks in the blaring sun!


    Ellie xx

    1. Ahh, I so Agree! I've been putting off taking photos for months, and now that the sun is blazing every day, not sure where I'll head for sufficient cover for my shoot, haha. Give me a cloudy day anyday.

      Thanks so much Ellie!

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