5 Things I love: 04/23/18

Monday, 23 April 2018
5 Things I love: 04/23/18 | Jackie O My
Photos from Urban Outfitters and DesignLoveFest.

     How has everyone's week been? New posts have been nowhere to be found on Jackie O My for a few weeks now; I've taken a break from writing to work on the behind-the-scenes part of blogging, including redesigning the site layout (which will be revealed later this week!) I've also been enjoying some beautiful weather here in British Columbia for a change, and it's put me in a sunny mood. I think it's reflected in this week's 5 Things I Love post, no? Anyway, here's some reading to start your week off right.

5 Things I Love:

1. Looking for a bit of home decor inspiration? Connie Cao of Connie & Luna has been sharing her lovely new home, and I love her sense of style. Check out her new bedroom here and her plant-filled reading corner here.

2. I've never even heard of pupusas before, but after seeing DesignLoveFest's colorful photography, I might just try her recipe (which sounds delicious, by the way).

*Edit: Unfortunately, the delicious pupusa recipe has been taken down, but Bri has us covered with an equally-delicious Chicken Salad, which is my favorite healthy-ish food.

3. Author Megan Nesmith wrote a totally relateable article for Man Repeller about dressing better to pull yourself out of a rut. This is one of my major goals in life lately, since I too have fallen into the sweatpants-and-old-jumper trap. I can whole-heartedly agree with Megan's assessment; I feel like a new person already after spending only 5 extra minutes to look decent every morning.

4. Niki of My Scandinavian Home shared this stunning bohemian home, and I can't get over it. The Topanga Canyon, California home belongs to Malia Grace Biachi-Mau, a jewelry maker with a keen sense of style.

5. I am all about the button-up dress trend right now. Here's a great one from Urban Outfitters!

What are your favorite things this week?

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