Wellness Diary: 01/04/18

Sunday, 1 April 2018
Avocado Toast Salad

     I recently read an article on Man Repeller in which Amelia Diamond described finally learning to grocery shop at the age of 29. At 26, I consider Amelia #healthgoals, as I'm still putting off "getting healthy". I may give off the impression of an active, healthy person on social media, but the truth is, I rarely exercise, and eat more takeaway than nutritious meals. In fact, my diet is more than likely 50% french fry. Now my body (and mood) has been paying the toll.

I need to get serious about my body's wellness.

Luckily, my fit vegetarian friend Sam offered to coach me through it. I've decided to catalog my journey with a new post series titled Wellness Diary. In this series, I'll be sharing what works for me, what doesn't, and my favorite wellness-related links. I'd love for you to follow along, apply what I share to your own life, or share your tips with me. Let's start a discussion about fitness.

So, last week Sam and I geared up for our first training session. Sam directed me over webcam from his home in Newcastle. We immediately discovered that push-ups were out. In fact, most-strength building exercises proved to be a little much, so we had to start with the very basics.

Afterwards, I came up with an exercise plan I can complete on my own, which is as follows:

My absolute beginner exercise plan:

3 sets of 10 jumping jacks
15 leg raises on each leg
2 10-second planks
10 crunches

I sometimes alternate with yoga, which is also great for those who are a bit out of shape. I love this yoga routine that can be done in bed; it eliminates any room for excuses.

Relevant links:

The Differences Between Fitness and Yoga - Top three ways they differ.
Vegan Mixed Berry Crisp - A healthy alternative to dessert.
Mindful Monday: Blending The Elements - Bringing yoga into fitness.
Spring Wellness - Tips for a healthy new season.

Do you have an exercise routine? What are your best wellness tips?

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