Wellness Diary: 05/05/18

Saturday, 5 May 2018
fresh produce
Just love this colorful photo of fresh foods from DesignLoveFest's article on staying inspired to cook.

     It's official: I'm one month into my fitness journey. I hope you are closer to reaching your wellness goals than I am because I have not done as swimmingly as I had hoped to.

If I've learned one thing this month, it's that major lifestyle and diet changes are not easy. It's not a simple matter of deciding not to be unhealthy and saying no to your cravings at each meal time; it's avoiding that unhealthy habit dozens of times each day until you finally, begrudgingly, give in and order a cheeseburger. Afterwards, I'm left with a slight shame and a half-hearted promise to eat broccoli the next day.

Old habits die hard...

Since my first Wellness Diary post, I skipped the take out exactly zero times. Yes, I found it difficult to take even that first step and resist for an entire day. I am an absolute slave to my cravings. That being said, there is a silver lining: I ate significantly better than last month, as I made a genuine effort to switch to healthier menu options over a burger and fries - happily, I chowed down on lots of chicken veggie wraps (that may or may not have had bacon). Soon, I found I much prefer them!

'Did I at least stick with my exercise plan?' you ask. Oh dear naive reader, do you know me at all? It turns out I really don't like sweating. And with so many content deadlines this month (honest!), exercise kind of took a back seat. Here again is another bright spot. I walked more this month, opting to take the stairs and the bus. A very small improvement, I am the first to admit, but we all start somewhere. For these tiny steps I'm proud of myself, but still know I'm capable of better.

So why is lifestyle change so difficult?

My fit friend Sam quit chocolate cold turkey. Once, he would gorge himself on it, but astonishingly stopped one day from sheer willpower. 'How?', I demand to know. He shrugs and replies "It isn't that hard; I just decided to".

For some of us, though, deciding isn't enough. We need bold strategy.

Leo of Zen Habits believes the problem is that we tend to get in our own way when making changes due to discomfort, which does ring true to me in a sense. Food & Nutrition Mag feels the problem is a bit deeper, more to do with addiction to takeaway and finite willpower. Whatever my particular hangup is, though, I won't be giving up. This month, I will eat even less takeaway, practice my fitness routine, and maybe even get creative in the kitchen.

Some quick tips for eating better:

1. Plan meals in advance, and grocery shop a week ahead. This way, you'll never be left wondering what's for dinner, which is an opportunity to order in some takeout.

2. Don't grocery shop when hungry. You'll be much less likely to pick out unhealthy snacks.

3. Bring lunch with you to work. Think of the money you'll save!

4. Start simply. No need to cut out absolutely everything you enjoy. You're much more likely to keep up your good habits long-term if you make small changes gradually. Just start with switching from white to whole-wheat bread, for example.

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How is your fitness journey coming? Did you fall short of your goals this month?


  1. Nothing great comes easy! Hope you keep up the journey with determination. You can do this, focus on the goal :)


  2. Great post dear, you were so in-depth with everything and it made it so easy to follow exactly what you were saying. Based off what you have written, you will most definitely reach your goals. You have such a positive mindset about it all :D Another tip I have is for eating better is to find alternatives to unhealthy foods you love. For example, there's ice cream. Normally this is a hard one for people to take a step back from but there are tons of health alternatives such a non-dairy options or sorbets that you can each quite frequently and never feel guilty for it!


    1. Great tip Isabella! Who doesn't love ice cream? :) I just might pick up some sorbet tomorrow.

      So glad you enjoyed the post, thank you so much for stopping by to read it :) xx