Saturday, 16 June 2018

How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Feed

Saturday, 16 June 2018
How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Feed | Jackie O My

     Ah, Instagram! I've had a love-hate relationship with this platform for years. I've scrubbed my Instagram account and re-branded around a dozen times, struggling to create a cohesive theme that summarizes who I am to a world full of strangers. However, I'm happy to say I've made my peace with the app, and am finally proud of my account (although a few more followers wouldn't hurt, hint hint).
Monday, 11 June 2018

5 Things I Love: 6/11/18

Monday, 11 June 2018
5 Things I Love: 6/11/18 | Jackie O My
Photo via LACAUSA.

   Hey! How was your weekend? I know I say this every week, but mine was busy.

I only just barely got this post out on time but managed to pull through at the last second (like literally this morning). Of course, that didn't stop me from finding 5 pretty awesome things to share with you today. Check out these 5 cool links to keep the weekend vibes going.

5 Things I Love

1. No Sidebar wrote a great post titled Confessions Of A Reformed Shopaholic. Coming from someone who has also struggled with shopping impulses, this article was super thoughtful and on point.

2. I really loved Kate La Vie's post on Summer Style Rules. She's so chic!

3. Oh Happy Day had a Parisian Picnic On The Seine and it was too adorable. Looks delicious too!

4. HonestlyWTF's gorgeous post on Exploring Santa Fe has me wanting to head west.

5. I've can't get enough of the linen trend this season! A few faves are the Coyote Jumpsuit by LACAUSA and the Sunny Sun Set from Free People.

5 Things I Love: 6/11/18 | Jackie O My
Via Free People.

What are your fave things this week?
Saturday, 9 June 2018

Urban Decay Review 2: Naked Petite Heat Palette

Saturday, 9 June 2018
The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

     I've heard so much buzz about the Urban Decay Naked palettes; many beauty bloggers consider them to be the holy grail of eye shadows, praising their buttery texture and long-lasting quality. Since I've been on the hunt for the perfect everyday palette, I decided to dip my toes into the high-end makeup pool once again and try out the Urban Decay Naked Basics. Read on to find out what I thought!
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Featured Artist: Ayumi Takahashi

Wednesday, 6 June 2018
Featured Artist: Ayumi Takahashi | Jackie O My
Art by Ayumi Takahashi.

     Who's ready for some creative inspo with another Featured Artist? This time I'm going to introduce you to Ayumi Takahashi: illustrator, painter, and textile designer extraordinaire.

Ayumi was born in China, raised in Japan and currently resides in New York and Tokyo. I totally feel her travels across beautiful and fashionable cities are reflected in her illustration style and the detail added to clothing in her work.

I first saw Ayumi's art featured on HonestlyWTF and I was instantly in love with it. Her playful use of bright colors and pattern just thrills me. Her art is almost minimal in a sense; there's nothing frivolous. Everything fits perfectly.
Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Writing Meaningful Content As A Fashion Blogger

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
How To Write Meaningful Content As A Fashion Blogger | Jackie O My

     If you've been following this blog, you may have read a post series I like to call Brand Love. In this series, I share brands and campaigns I consider outstanding. I like to think I've been pretty selective of the brands I've featured on my blog. However, life has been busy, and I have to admit to falling into the cycle of putting off long-format blog posts and whipping up a quick brand feature instead. For a while, I was posting multiple brand campaigns and Pinterest round-ups per week, and nothing else.

Let's be honest here: If I publish nothing but campaign photos, even if I offer my perspective, it's not worth it for you to visit my blog. I'm no longer providing a value to you, my readers.

I've decided to start holding myself accountable; it's time to bid low-effort posts goodbye. Here are some ways I've been trying to create a better blog, and my thoughts on writing meaningful content as a fashion blogger.

Keep in mind, though, that this post isn't meant to bash anyone. For example, The Cool Hour mainly posts campaign and brand photos, and I love that blog. These are just some ways I'm changing; you keep doing you!

Quality posts vs. quantity

Brand Love posts do require time; I need to contact brands for permission to use their photographs, choose the campaign I want to feature, resize the images, research the brand, and finally write and polish the actual post. However, it's not nearly as time and effort consuming as taking my own photos. But is it worth it to "save time" and write several posts rather than one well-planned and thoughtful post?

I really resonated with this quote from Sophie Davies of A Considered Life:

Blogging culture encourages writers to produce content daily with a rolling editorial schedule that can leave bloggers feeling overwhelmed and drained. There's so much noise online, why add to it?
It's far more important to create purposeful content that contributes to your mission and its message rather than sticking to a blog schedule because you feel obliged to publish a certain amount of posts per week or on set days. Creating mindful content means having a clear intention that provides value for its readers. 

Yes, there is so much noise in the blogging world, and we all want to be noticed. We tend to get a spike in traffic when we publish new content, but pushing for those views at a rate you can't keep up with is not advisable, in my opinion. Your content will likely be lower quality which can lead readers to feel duped, and your content to get lost in a sea of posts.

My advice? The best way to grow is to create a body of work you're proud of. Take a step back, focus on the posts you most want to work on, and write them properly. Focus on quality and your work should grow organically.

Being mindful of my impact

Consumerism is a huge part of the fashion blogging community. Whether a blogger identifies as a fashion Instagrammer, beauty guru, lifestyle blogger, or something else, we're often giving readers the impression that we recommend products or brands. Now more than ever, in fact, with the rise in affiliate programs, sponsorships, and brand ambassador titles, sometimes we're essentially telling people what to buy.

Here's where I'm a bit torn: I love talking about fashion and clothing, but the knowledge of wasted resources and unethical manufacturing processes weigh heavy on me. While I think fashion can be a wonderful thing, I don't want to contribute any more than necessary to thoughtless consumerism. It may seem counterproductive, maybe even hypocritical, to blog about clothing and brands while preaching anti-consumerism. I'm not here to tell you what you can or can't promote on your own channels. But for transparency's sake, I'm going to be mindful that everything I share on my blog is something I would purchase myself, and (fingers crossed!) hopefully I can avoid promoting brands with overly-questionable practices.

Using more of my own photos

There are times when I love taking my own photos, and times when I hate it. It can be a lot of effort, and it's so frustrating when they don't turn out. Even the weather can affect my blog editorial! It's so tempting to fall into the routine of using campaign photography every other post; your blog looks fantastic, and it's easy. Unfortunately, you one day find your blog looks just like every other fashion blog or magazine that has featured the same photos. There's nothing to pull your readers in, because these photos can be found elsewhere. You have to offer something from your perspective. Something new.

I definitely recommend using your own photography over stock photos, at least 50% of the time. It's more effort, but why run a blog if you're just pushing out low effort posts to avoid work? When you take your own photos, you've already provided value to your readers in the form of your images; that can really make the rest of your content stand out.

So am I going to stop posting about brands altogether?

No! I love featuring unique campaigns. In fact, I have some Brand Love posts scheduled in the upcoming month. However, I am definitely going to limit this post series to an occasional post. I'd like to create a mix of content for readers so it doesn't hurt to mix a bit of eye candy in with the more valuable content!

What are your thoughts on providing value as a fashion blogger?
How To Write Meaningful Content As A Fashion Blogger | Jackie O My

Friday, 1 June 2018

Weekend Wardrobe

Friday, 1 June 2018
Weekend Wardrobe | Jackie O My

     Yay, It's Friday! Hope you're as excited for the weekend as I am. Today's outfit post is a bit photo-heavy because I love this new tee shirt and also how my legs look in these shorts #sorrynotsorry. I'm wearing my typical weekend uniform: a slogan tee and denim.

I just ordered this tee from my all-time favorite tee shirt designer, I was a little worried when I received it because it felt different - they've evidently changed their manufacturer and it felt just a bit thinner than usual. I was relieved to find they are just as soft and perfect as ever, though, and am so thrilled with the peachy color.

What does your weekend uniform look like?