5 Things I Love: 6/11/18

Monday, 11 June 2018
5 Things I Love: 6/11/18 | Jackie O My
Photo via LACAUSA.

   Hey! How was your weekend? I know I say this every week, but mine was busy.

I only just barely got this post out on time but managed to pull through at the last second (like literally this morning). Of course, that didn't stop me from finding 5 pretty awesome things to share with you today. Check out these 5 cool links to keep the weekend vibes going.

5 Things I Love

1. No Sidebar wrote a great post titled Confessions Of A Reformed Shopaholic. Coming from someone who has also struggled with shopping impulses, this article was super thoughtful and on point.

2. I really loved Kate La Vie's post on Summer Style Rules. She's so chic!

3. Oh Happy Day had a Parisian Picnic On The Seine and it was too adorable. Looks delicious too!

4. HonestlyWTF's gorgeous post on Exploring Santa Fe has me wanting to head west.

5. I've can't get enough of the linen trend this season! A few faves are the Coyote Jumpsuit by LACAUSA and the Sunny Sun Set from Free People.

5 Things I Love: 6/11/18 | Jackie O My
Via Free People.

What are your fave things this week?


  1. I completely agree with you! I have been all for the linen trend. It's so lightweight, easy to wear, and looks totally Parisian and Mediterranean which is totally my style. I can picture you wearing linen without a problem and I already know you would look fabulous in it. Not to sound narcissistic, but I'm pretty obsessed with my nails at the moment. I got them done at a salon called Paintbox in NY, next time you're in the city I would recommend checking them out. They do fabulous designs. Also, my current favorite song is "One in a Million" by Bosson! Have a great week :)


    1. Thanks Isabella! I actually just ordered a linen dress and I'm so excited to get it <3 Have you posted pics of your nails anywhere? I totally want to see!


  2. I'm loving the linen trend too! Both the outfits shared by you are droolworthy!