5 Things I Love: 08/09/18

Thursday, 9 August 2018
woman in black Vanessa Mooney dress

     As I write this, it's currently thirty-four degrees (ninety-three Fahrenheit!) and I am melting. I am so ready for autumn, but summer style still has me. Feeling the same way? Well, I've rounded up five height-of-summer links to keep you cool. Read on below!

5 Things I Love:

1. Vanessa Mooney is my latest fashion brand discovery; The Royals lookbook perfectly embodies vintage glamour. I adore the Rose Diamond Necklace - too cute.

2. Going on a trip? A Fabulous Fete made a list of travel skin care must-haves, and I want to try each product. Has anyone else been wanting to try Mario Badescu products? The Rose Facial Spray looks so pretty!

3. Where my fellow 90's girls at? If you love hair scrunchies as much as I do, you'll be happy to hear that A Pair & A Spare is teaching us all how to make our own linen scrunchies!

4. I've been following along with Connie & Luna's home renovations. Such great taste! I love their new kitchen bar renovation.

5. The look in the photo below reminds me so much of Liv Tyler in Empire Records. You can find the Allie Hiker Boots from Urban Outfitters.

girl in plaid Urban outfitters mini skirt
Photo from UO.

What are your fave things this week?

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