Wellness Diary: A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Eating

Wednesday, 15 August 2018
    I've been talking a lot about skincare lately and it's gotten me thinking about the health of my skin as a whole. Your skin is actually a really good indicator of your overall health, so dryness, dullness and other skin issues are definitely not something to be overlooked or covered up. Don't get me wrong: I love creams and masks, but there's only so much topical treatments can do for your skin in the long-term. Now I'm focusing on getting a healthy glow from the inside-out by making sure I'm getting all the nutrients my skin needs.

In my past wellness diary posts, I focused on the importance of exercise, and spoke a bit about moderation when eating unhealthily; the focus of this post will be healthier eating options. Remember, I'm totally clueless when it comes to nutrition. I eat out daily and am a proud french fry connoisseur. I do love the idea of health and nutrition, but in the end, I reach for comfort foods almost every time. So, is there a balance that can be struck?

Wellness Diary: A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Eating | Jackie O My
Long Beach chef Ella Calderon fixes an array of colourful ingredients. Photo from UO Blog.

It doesn't have to be boring!

In an interview with Urban Outfitters Blog, Long Beach chef Ella Calderon shares brunch recipes that can only be described as beautiful and packed with nutrition. I really recommend that post, because even if you're not a fan of her sparkling grapefruit and rose water drink, you won't be able to deny any longer that healthy food has the potential to be colorful, vibrant, and delicious. Think about the kinds of flavors you love; becoming accustomed to healthier meals is a matter of finding the dishes you love, and creating those tastes in a healthier way.

A few craving swaps to consider:

If you're like me, you will need the most basic tips for simple and easy transitions to healthier options. Luckily, lifestyle and food bloggers have us covered.

Each and every night, I have sugar cravings right before bed. Imagine how much more fulfilling it would be to whip up pancakes using ingredients like oats, banana, strawberry jam and coconut flakes instead of reaching for a handful of snack-size chocolate bars, which offer very little in the way of actual hunger fulfilment. Try this Guilt-Free Strawberry Coconut Pancakes recipe by the lovely Kate La Vie for your next sugar fix.

The second recipe I'm totally on board with is for something that I (and so many others) can absolutely never resist - pizza. Design Love Fest created a homemade, cast-iron skillet version of the tempting dish using powerfully healthy ingredients like avocado, red onion, and arugula. It's a way better option than delivery if you can't resist a cheesy pie this weekend.

Of course, you can find a healthier version of practically any food, but what if you don't have the time or energy to cook? Even with well-thought-out food plans and a fridge full of fresh ingredients, sometimes you just want a snack. Here are a few ways to eat healthy on the go.

Wellness Diary: A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Eating | Jackie O My
Photos from Kate La Vie and Design Love Fest.

Low-effort snack ideas:

1. Fresh Blueberries and strawberries make a sweet snack alternative to sugary treats.
2. Sandwiches packed with double-the-veggies, like tomatoes, onion, peppers and lettuce can never go wrong.
3. Rice is such a great impromptu meal option, because it's quick, low-cost, and can be mixed with veggies and poultry/meat for protein and nourishment. Recipes also vary wildly, which offers variety.
4. Bananas are great on the go, in a bowl on your desk or in your bag.

Some inspiring links:

Grilled Chicken BBQ Salad - A salad that will actually leave you satisfied.
A Week Of Healthy Breakfasts - These can be prepped in advance!
Summer Fruit Salad - This colorful salad from Honestly YUM is so pretty and festive!
Grilled-Cheese Salad - Another colorful salad, this one with chunks of grilled cheese. 
Honey Hi's Five Principles Of Eating Well - Some Healthy Eating Tips from an L.A. based cafe.

What's your fave healthy recipe? I'd love to hear below!


  1. I definitely want to check out some of these recipes!! Especially the Week of Healthy Breakfasts as prep is super key to survival as a college student with 8 a.m.'s.

  2. Hey what a brilliant post I have come across and believe me I have been searching out for this similar kind of post for past a week and hardly came across this. Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you. wellness

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! x