My Favorite Handbag Brand & A Guide To Choosing The Right Bag For You

Wednesday, 30 January 2019
My Favorite Handbag Brand & A Guide To Choosing The Right Bag For You | Jackie O My

     I always have the hardest time finding the perfect go-everywhere handbag. To avoid having to switch them everyday (or even every week), I like my bags to check all the boxes: they need to be big enough to fit all my essentials, subtle enough to go with multiple outfits, comfortable to carry, well-made, and aesthetically pleasing. That's a lot to ask from one handbag! Luckily, I discovered my all-time favorite bag brand a few years ago, and it's been my go-to place to replace my purse ever since. Let me tell you about a brand called Matt & Nat.

My Favorite Handbag Brand & A Guide To Choosing The Right Bag For You | Jackie O My

I spied Matt & Nat at my favorite local shop, Montrose & George General Store. Their understated, durable looking designs drew me in. I've since found they can also be purchased on the Matt & Nat homepage, and even at my favorite Canadian bookstore.

About the brand

Matt & Nat (stands for Material and Nature) came to fruition in 1995 in the beautiful city of Montreal. The idea behind the brand has always been to reflect nature in their handbags, hence the natural color palettes. But they put it so much more poetically:

At MATT & NAT, we live by a simple motto, "Live beautifully". Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us. Our values include social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love. We are inspired by the textures and hues of nature and, to better protect it, we aim to constantly better our ways.

Matt & Nat bags have always been vegan, and over time they've incorporated the use of recycled materials into their process, including nylons, cardboard, rubber, and cork. Since 2007, all bag linings have been made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? 

A few more favorites...

My mother introduced me to Michael Kors, even once giving me one of her handbags (which you can see here). They are surprisingly well-made, and make a great staple bag.

I've also long been a fan of Kate Spade's feminine designs, particularly her ladylike Sylvia bags. I just love those soft pastels and dainty monogram logos.

My Favorite Handbag Brand & A Guide To Choosing The Right Bag For You | Jackie O My

So which bag is right for you?

If you're always on the go... If you're like me, you have a lot of errands to run, and need all your essentials right there with you. For this reason, a stylish mini-backpack is a must-have, IMO.

If you pack light... For the minimalist, why not try a belt-bag? I promise you they're still in, and can look oh-so-casual cool.

If you bring your work with you... If you work remotely (in jazz-playing coffee shops or otherwise), a satchel with a tech compartment for your laptop is a great idea. No more juggling the important stuff.

If you like to go hands-free... For those of us that often have to dash back into the restaurant to retrieve their handbag left on the table, a cross-body bag is a lifesaver. Just one more thing you don't have to remember.

If you're classic... Of course, nothing can replace the classic ladylike allure of a satchel or tote handbag.

Shop Matt & Nat

What's your go-to handbag brand?

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