Wellness Diary: 01/14/19

Monday, 14 January 2019
Wellness Diary: 01/14/19 | Jackie O My
Delicious nutrient packed smoothie. Photo by Kate La Vie.
     This post is a bit inspired by another blogger I love. Kate La Vie wrote a great, detailed post about nutrients and smoothies she loves, and it was such perfect timing.

I've been researching healthier food options this week. I'm in a bad place, nutritionally and physically. A self-professed french fry addict, I barely have the energy lately to climb a flight of stairs, and I'm so past blaming a pending cold for my lack of strength.
So my goals for this month are thus:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink enough water
  • For the love of spuds, eat real fruits and vegetables!

The game plan

I love reading articles like Kate's, along with all the amazing food roundups over at DesignLoveFest. But while DesignLoveFest is more about motivating me to eat well with their delicious health food pictures (I don't have the skills to actually attempt their recipes), the former explains what your body needs and why. As an absolute beginner, I find these guides easier to consume (see what I did there?). So this month, I want to binge-watch less, scroll less, and feel bored less. Instead, I want to put all that energy into thinking of ways to nourish my body, planning what I can pick up at the grocery store, and actually honest-to-goodness cooking. Imagine the possibilities if I devote all the time I usually spend feeling lackluster in the kitchen, learning. It's mind blowing to think about.

Wellness Diary: 01/14/19 | Jackie O My
I love how colorful these tomatoes are! Meatballs & cauliflower mash. Photo & recipe by DesignLoveFest. Link below.

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How's your wellness journey coming?

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