A Little Peek Into My Design Process | How To Design A Logo

Friday, 26 April 2019
A Little Peek Into My Design Process | How To Design A Logo

     You may not know this, but aside from blogging, I also run a little side-hustle Etsy shop. It's called Jackie O My Shop. I began my shop when I realized there was a lack of affordable, high quality minimal logos available to purchase for my own site. As a small blogger, I understand that many are not able to spend a large sum on a logo, but are still trying to make their brand stand out. It became a goal of mine to offer people like myself options for a beautiful logo for little more than the price of a Frappucino.

I ended up designing my own logo, and from logos I moved on to digital prints. I'd love to sell some original artwork in my shop in the future, but for this post, I'm going to walk you through my current design process using premade elements, Canva, and a bit of imagination.

A Little Peek Into My Design Process | Jackie O My

Step 1: Choosing an element

I'm a collector and I'm always saving pretty elements for later use. In the image above, you can see some of the elements I've uploaded to my folders. Usually, one element catches my eye and I draw from that, trying to think of ways I can work that into a finished product. As an example, I'm working on my current favorite logo, Kylie. Most of my logos are designed with a woman in mind as inspiration, and are usually named after her. Can you guess who the inspiration was behind this logo?

A Little Peek Into My Design Process | Jackie O My

Step 2: Choosing a font

Fonts are so important. I chose a few main fonts for my blog when I designed my brand vision board (Here's a tutorial on making your own!) and I love them so much I keep coming back to them over and over. I also uploaded a bunch of custom fonts to Canva, but there are a lot of free options to work with if you don't want to buy a subscription. This is where I play around with the fonts, font sizes, colors, etc. I usually leave my logo fonts black unless a customer requests another color, because it will be visible for most of their purposes and on top of images.

A Little Peek Into My Design Process | Jackie O My
The finished Kylie Logo.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Once I'm happy with what I've made, it's time to create some mock-ups of the product shown in different ways. Since this product is a logo, I'll make mock-ups of it on business cards, cosmetic bottles, mugs...whatever comes to mind. Then I'll write a detailed listing of the product on Etsy.

Since my logos are made to order, I need to wait until the customer places an order to create the final product. This involves communicating with the customer about what they want their logo to say, tagline, color options, and any other minor changes until the customer is absolutely happy with it. Then  I create the final files and send them along, and for a few moments I feel like a serious business babe.

A Little Peek Into My Design Process | Jackie O My
My shop, all ready to go!

Now that you've seen me do it, go forth and create! Make a logo for your blog or side business. DIY
some wall art. The sky is the limit!

Check out this video for some visuals:

Some of the elements used in this post: Imaginary Collection & Black Moon Clipart.


  1. So awesome! I love seeing how others design their logos! I love fiddling around with mine...I think I change it much too often but I just get so bored so quickly! haha Good luck with your etsy shop! :)

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

  2. Thanks so much, Renee! I took a look at your logo, it's so cool!

    - Jackie